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Carrying a firearm without proper licensing may be a felony

Weapons crimes are taken very seriously in Pennsylvania. However, as noted by the Pennsylvania State Police, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania maintains laws governing the right of an individual to lawfully carry a concealed firearm on his body or in a vehicle. A weapons charge for violation of the relevant law can result in a conviction of a felony of the third degree. A primary way to comply with this weapons law is to secure a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms, often referred to as a concealed carry permit.

Generally, applications are obtained from and the licenses are issued by the Sheriff in the county where the applicant resides. There are many exceptions to the requirement to secure this particular license, including reference to individuals within certain law enforcement occupations and on-duty active military members. Members of other occupations may also enjoy circumstantial exception, as do licensed hunters.

Drug Companies’ Connection to the Lethal Opioid Epidemic

Drug addiction and even deaths have been an ongoing tragedy in Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the United States. However, a newer realization is that much of the problem originates with prescription drugs manufactured by drug companies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 50 percent of fatal overdoses of opioids are the result of prescription medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Prescription opioid fatalities have increased four-fold in less than twenty years. The CDC urges Pennsylvania and other states to utilize a tracking database to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of opioid medications. It has also provided guidelines for the medical community that focuses on the treatment of chronic pain with safer, more effective chronic pain treatment than opioid prescribing.

Incidences of drugged driving spike

As people across Pennsylvania hit the roads for summer vacation, it is important to be aware that more drivers than ever are under the influence of drugs, both prescribed and illegal. This issue recently came to a head for the famed golfer, Tiger Woods, who was arrested near his home in Florida.

As CBS Philly reports, Woods was arrested for a suspected DUI. In a statement given by the champion golfer, however, he states that alcohol was not involved, but that he was taking prescription drugs at the time of his arrest and had "an unexpected reaction" to the medication.

Decisions to make if you are stopped on the Fourth

If you’re into celebrating the Fourth of July holiday at a lake or campsite, chances are there is going to be alcohol involved. After all, what’s a barbeque on a hot summer day without a cold one. Also what’s a fireworks show without a nice glass of wine. Indeed, many people who enjoy the holiday will have a drink or two, but what happens when it is time to go home?

It’s no secret that additional drunk driving enforcement will be in effect next weekend. The Independence Day holiday is one of the dangerous times for drivers during the year (with New Year’s Eve being the deadliest). Because of that, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania will be out in force to look for drunk drivers. If you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, you will have some important choices to make. 

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