Decisions to make if you are stopped on the Fourth

If you’re into celebrating the Fourth of July holiday at a lake or campsite, chances are there is going to be alcohol involved. After all, what’s a barbeque on a hot summer day without a cold one. Also what’s a fireworks show without a nice glass of wine. Indeed, many people who enjoy the holiday will have a drink or two, but what happens when it is time to go home?

It’s no secret that additional drunk driving enforcement will be in effect next weekend. The Independence Day holiday is one of the dangerous times for drivers during the year (with New Year’s Eve being the deadliest). Because of that, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania will be out in force to look for drunk drivers. If you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, you will have some important choices to make. 

They all involve whether or not to participate in the field sobriety tests that you may be asked to perform. The three most popular include the “walk and turn,” “horizontal gaze nystagamus,” and “one leg stand.” They are designed to give a police officer an idea of whether you are under the influence of alcohol while behind the wheel. This also leads to an officer developing probable cause to make an arrest.

So should you perform the tests? The answer depends on your individual situation. This may include how much you have had to drink, your previous criminal history (if any) or whether you believe you are innocent to begin with. All things considered, the chances of you being arrested are pretty strong if you are asked to perform the tests. So choose wisely.

The preceding is not intended to be legal advice. Should you have questions about a DUI charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help.