Police attacked responding to domestic dispute in York County

Cases involving domestic violence are often quick to stir up emotions amongst people in Pennsylvania, as such news often conjures up thoughts of enraged assailants (more often than not, men) beating up helpless victims. While this may be a somewhat accurate depiction in some cases, there are also incidents where the women in relationships are the agressors in violent attacks. As difficult as it may be for some to believe, oftentimes law enforcement officers may arrive at the scene of an alleged domestic dispute expecting to take the man involved into custody, only to find themselves having to arrest (and in some cases, subdue) a female attacker. 

Officers responding to one such call in York County may have encountered a little more than they bargained for. In an altercation which resulted in one officer sustaining a hard kick to the groin and another to the chest, police emerged carrying a woman with a prior warrant out for her arrest. Officials had initially arrived to find her outside of a home complaining that she had broken her hand during a fight with the man inside. The man confirmed that there had been an incident, but stated that the woman had attacked him. It was during their conversation when the arrest warrant was discovered. The woman reportedly became enraged upon hearing that she was under arrest. She immediately began kicking at officers and throwing obscenities their way. Eventually, the officers had no choice but to subdue and restrain her with hand and ankle cuffs. 

The immediate assumption that men are the likely be perpetrators of domestic violence may be understandable, yet not always correct (as the aforementioned case shows). Those needing assistance defending themselves from such charges may find it in the form of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Source: Fox43.com “Woman turns violent toward police after being told a warrant was out for her arrest” Naylor, Sean, Aug. 17, 2017