Is a breath analyzer a foolproof test?

Pennsylvanian residents may believe that blowing over a 0.08 percent on a breath analyzer is the end of the road for them. Fortunately, Marros Law Office is here to help you through your difficult DUI-related charge and show you that things aren’t as simple as that.

Breath analyzer tests are used in the field because they’re considered relatively reliable. However, this has led to the overwhelming assumption that a breath test is the only thing needed to determine whether or not you’re guilty of a DUI. This is why some people refuse to take a breath test, even though you could actually get in more trouble for doing that than you could if you blew over a 0.08 percent when taking the test.

There are numerous issues that can cause a breathalyzer to falsely show that you were under the influence. For example, did you know that certain mints and mouth washes will actually register as alcoholic to these devices? Even cough syrups or other medications with alcohol in them can trigger the device. Additionally, these devices need to be maintained regularly in order to ensure that their readings are accurate. You can see the maintenance logs for any breath analyzer in order to determine that it was giving proper readings.

When fighting against drunk driving charges, it’s important to understand as much about the law as possible. Don’t be intimidated just because a breath analyzer showed a certain number. Instead, consider visiting our linked web page to read more about DUI defense and contact us to explore your legal options.