What puts your gun rights at risk?

Pennsylvania is a state with many strict gun control laws. This means that you could find your gun rights being endangered over things you may not have known would affect them at all. Marros Law Office is here to help if you find yourself facing gun-related accusations and charges.

There are a number of different firearm-related charges that can impact your ability to carry or own a gun. Not only does this include various offenses, but you can even face sentence enhancements simply because you own a gun. For example, if you’re charged with shoplifting and police find a gun in your vehicle, you could face deadly weapon enhancements. This can happen even if you didn’t have the gun on your person, or if there was no intent to use it.   

Direct charges relating to guns tend to involve violent crime, but not all gun-related charges are tied to violence. For example, if you’re charged with assaulting someone and you have a gun, it becomes assault with a deadly weapon. Robbery with a gun becomes armed robbery. But you can also get into trouble for carrying a concealed gun without the proper permit, or illegal possession of a firearm even if it’s on your own property.

If you’re looking into protecting or restoring your gun rights, you can click the link here. It will take you to our web page on gun rights in Pennsylvania. By knowing more about the law, you will be better prepared for the trial ahead and the fight that might be necessary to restore your gun rights.