Protecting your right to protect yourself

Simply owning a weapon does not mean that you intend to use it in a crime. However, if the state charged you with a violent crime, a robbery or a drug infraction while in possession of a gun, prosecutors would likely try to enhance your charges and extend your sentence by adding on special Pennsylvania deadly weapon enhancements.

At Marros Law Office, we are familiar with the tactics prosecutors used to intimidate our clients. We make it our first priority to help people understand the types of charges they face and the possible legal defenses that could reduce sentencing, force the prosecution to drop certain accusations or persuade a judge to dismiss the case.

In terms of deadly weapon enhancements, the prosecution team often pursues these charges even if it is unlikely that the defendant had any intent to use the gun in the alleged crime. Understanding which of these spurious charges to fight and which to negotiate could be the key to securing the most advantageous possible resolution of your case.

Guns are critical self-defense tools for many of our clients. The simple presence of a gun might make you feel safer, even if you had never fired it outside of a shooting range. Despite the political climate in the state regarding guns, and despite the ever-increasing regulations on weaponry, we believe that firearm owners deserve the same protection and consideration under the law as does anybody else.

We believe that your rights matter, and that courts should not punish you for legally possessing a gun. Unfortunately, that is exactly what could happen if you allow certain situations to get out of your control. Please continue to read about this on our main website.