Is it possible to restore your gun rights?

In Pennsylvania, there are laws that make it so anyone who commits certain crimes will have their ability to wield firearms taken away.  Marros Law Office understands that your gun rights are important and will work with you to see what can be done about restoring them.

First, the severity of the crime you’re accused of will be scrutinized. Some gun-related charges are considered to be more dangerous than others and can result in you losing your gun rights more quickly. An example includes committing a felony with a weapon, even if that weapon isn’t used. You can have a gun in your car when being accused of robbing a bank and it can be used against you. Assault or battery with a weapon is also severe.

Other charges are a little less severe and can include things like carrying a weapon without a concealed weapons permit, or illegally possessing a gun. This could mean having a gun that is not legal to possess in your city, state, or country such as modified automatic firearms. It could also mean having obtained the weapons in an illegal way.

It should be noted that it isn’t always possible for you to have your gun rights restored. It all depends on the crime you’re being accused of, the judge you get, and how you represent yourself in court. Though you have no control over who oversees your case, you can at least prepare for it by contacting an experienced attorney who can help present your case and represent you.