Felony drug smuggling charges for Pennsylvania prison staffers

Tightened security measures implemented last year in Pennsylvania state prisons have reportedly reduced the inflow of drugs to the institutions and resulted in busts of more than 30 visitors to the prisons. However, authorities probably did not expect that three drug smuggling arrests, each on a different state prison campus, would be their own employees. 

Two of the prison staffers arrested worked as security guards at their respective facilities, while the third taught inmates how to cook. In addition to the felony charges that they face, each of the three is on suspension without pay.

Prior to the steps taken to tighten security, law enforcement placed blame for the prevalence of drugs flowing into the prisons on visits from outside family members and friends, as well as on the inmates themselves. With the number of visitors busted for bringing drugs into the prison more than 10 times the number of staffer arrests, authorities consider the risk of guards and other prison employees smuggling drugs to be a relatively low risk. Most of the drug busts resulting from the tightened security throughout the prison system have still occurred among the inmate population: 934, to be exact. 

Nevertheless, there is pressure on everyone privileged to go in and out of prisons to deliver drugs due to the high demand on the inside, and these three arrests show that prison staffers are no more immune to the pressure than anyone else. Those alleged to have given in to the pressure, and facing drug charges as a result, may find it useful to consult an attorney.