Police search Pennsylvania home and find heroin, cocaine and pot

Pennsylvania law enforcement officers arrested two people on drug charges after raiding a home in Richland Township on Nov. 14. Police reported that they decided to search the home on the 100 block of Gap Avenue after investigating possible drug activity at the location for two months. Officers took a 33-year-old man and 26-year-old woman into custody after discovering what they called “large quantities” of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and pills.

Court documents revealed that investigators also seized cash, a .45 caliber handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, drug paraphernalia and equipment for packaging drugs. Due to the large quantities of drugs and packaging equipment, local authorities have chosen to charge the people on multiple counts of possessing controlled substances with the intent to manufacturer or deliver the drugs. The man and woman face additional charges of conspiracy to possess controlled substances.

Authorities continue to hold the suspects at the Cambria County Prison. The court set the man’s bail at over $900,000 and the woman’s bail at $350,000.

After an arrest on drug charges, a defendant might feel overwhelmed by the numerous charges applied to a case. However, a criminal defense attorney could help a client sort out the charges and understand their associated penalties upon conviction. Initially, an attorney might try to gain a defendant’s release for a reasonable amount of bail to avoid incarceration before a court date. The attorney’s evaluation of the evidence might guide the client’s decision about how to enter a plea. A defense strategy might emerge if an attorney identifies inappropriate police conduct, such as an unlawful search.