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Unproven technique used by police to accuse suspects

When people in Pennsylvania are suspected or accused of a crime, innocent people may particularly rush to answer police questions. They may believe that answering openly and honestly will protect them and win their freedom. Unfortunately, however, police and prosecutors are often most interested in securing a conviction, and if they are convinced that a suspect is responsible, they may rely on questionable evidence or psychological pressure techniques in order to coerce a confession or make a case against a suspect. While TV shows often focus on exciting police science, many forensic techniques used by police departments are actually of questionable value.

New technology would test for marijuana in drivers

The DUI laws in Pennsylvania say that a person can be charged with and convicted of driving under the influence if they are found to have been behind the wheel with any amount of marijuana in their system. This is because marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic at the federal level, despite many states legalizing it for medical or recreational use. People in Pennsylvania should be aware of a new technology that may make it possible for law enforcement to determine marijuana impairment among drivers.

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