Cops conduct record meth bust in Hazleton

On Jan. 16, Pennsylvania authorities arrested a man for allegedly conspiring to distribute large amounts of methamphetamine in the Hazleton area. The bust reportedly led to one of the city’s largest-ever meth seizures.

According to media reports, officers from the Hazleton Police Department’s Narcotics Division began investigating methamphetamine trafficking activity in the area in November. During the course of the investigation, they apparently found and confiscated almost six pounds, or 2,721.55 grams, of meth that had been stored in an unspecified location. The Hazleton police chief said that the haul, if diluted before it was sold on the street, could have been worth over $400,000. He also said the seizure amount was a record haul for the city.

The defendant, age 34, was taken into custody around Diamond Avenue and Wyoming Street, which is close to his home. At the time of his arrest, he apparently had approximately $4,500 in cash in his possession. He is expected to be charged with conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with the intent to distribute and possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. The investigation, which is still ongoing, is being assisted by members of the Scranton office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Luzerne County Drug Task Force.

Drug charges such as drug possession and drug distribution can lead to serious consequences for those who are convicted. Typical penalties often include prison time, steep fines and the forfeiture of certain assets. However, a criminal defense attorney might be able to successfully fight the allegations and help a defendant protect his or her future. For example, if the attorney discovers that police overstepped their authority during the search and seizure process, it may be possible to get the charges dropped. It might also be possible to get the charges reduced through plea deal negotiations.