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Drug investigation leads to 29 arrests in Clinton County

On Jan. 31, Pennsylvania authorities arrested 29 people for allegedly selling illicit drugs in Clinton County. The busts were the result of a lengthy investigation by members of the Clinton County Drug Task Force and the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

Pennsylvania DUI rates in nationwide comparison

In one study of drunk driving rates nationwide, Pennsylvania fell in the middle of the pack. Compiling information from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and federal crime reports, a drug testing firm ranked states to determine the frequency of DUI incidents. In 2018, Pennsylvania came in 24th for DUI arrests. For every 100,000 state residents, there were 346.8 arrests for drunk driving. Fewer people have been accused of DUI in recent years, with an 8.3% decrease in arrests from 2014 and a sharper 18.4% fall since 2009.

Police search Pennsylvania home and find heroin, cocaine and pot

Pennsylvania law enforcement officers arrested two people on drug charges after raiding a home in Richland Township on Nov. 14. Police reported that they decided to search the home on the 100 block of Gap Avenue after investigating possible drug activity at the location for two months. Officers took a 33-year-old man and 26-year-old woman into custody after discovering what they called "large quantities" of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and pills.

The dangers of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Despite the willingness of officials in state government to take a look at recreational marijuana use in Pennsylvania, as of now it remains illegal. However, long-term marijuana use could involve more than mere legal consequences. It could cause a medical condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome which, according to USA Today, could prove fatal

Fatal overdose charges most prevalent in 2 Pennsylvania counties

When someone dies as a result of a drug overdose, the individual(s) who supplied the drugs can face felony charges. The names of the charges and the consequences vary by jurisdiction. In Pennsylvania, the term for the charge is "drug delivery resulting in death." According to a Florida-based analytics company, two counties in Pennsylvania have the highest number of drug delivery resulting in death charges in the entire nation. 

Mandatory license suspensions eliminated

People in Pennsylvania who are convicted of criminal drug offenses can often face extensive challenges trying to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, there are times when the laws get in the way of allowing that to happen. An example of this is the requirement that any person who is convicted of a drug crime will lose their driver's license for at least six months. 

Felony drug smuggling charges for Pennsylvania prison staffers

Tightened security measures implemented last year in Pennsylvania state prisons have reportedly reduced the inflow of drugs to the institutions and resulted in busts of more than 30 visitors to the prisons. However, authorities probably did not expect that three drug smuggling arrests, each on a different state prison campus, would be their own employees. 

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