Charged With DUI/DWI? Don't Give Up

At the Marros Law Office, we bring more than a decade of experience to your drunk driving case. No matter how much the odds seem stacked against you, there may be options.

Investigating Drunk Driving Cases

You may think that because you blew a 0.08 percent, you are out of luck. That is not necessarily true. Our drunk driving defense representation begins with a thorough analysis of your case. There are many factors that we need to examine.

Pennsylvania’s driving under the influence (DUI) laws are intentionally harsh. Whether it’s a first-time DUI arrest or a repeat offense, being found guilty of a DUI is a mandatory conviction that includes heavy fines, penalties and possible jail time, as well as possible license suspension.

However, being arrested is not a conviction. Now is the time to fight and face this problem with all the resources available to you. One of the best resources you can have is an experienced DUI attorney in your corner.

How A Skilled DUI Attorney Can Help

Our law practice has devoted tremendous resources to the defense of DUI charges. Attorney George N. Marros personally works every case to achieve the best possible outcome. Our practice is not a plea mill where cases are closed as quickly as possible and every case is accepted, thereby creating a volume practice. We always value quality over quantity.

We will analyze all the evidence the Commonwealth has against you to find the best possible defense in your case. If a motion to suppress can be filed, it will be filed. If your case demands to be tried by a judge or jury, we will try it. Whatever it takes, we will ensure that your case is handled with the attention and respect it deserves.

What Can You Expect In A DUI Case?

Many DUI cases are resolved with a plea bargain that may involve a reduced charge or reduced penalties. You may also be eligible for an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), which provides treatment and rehabilitation instead of punishment. We are always ready for trial, and we will aggressively argue your case in front of a judge if necessary.

ARD Program

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition is defined by Pennsylvania DUI statute § 3807. It’s a probationary program for DUI offenders only within the state of Pennsylvania.

The ARD program gives DUI offenders (who successfully complete the program) the benefit of not having anything recorded to their criminal history, as if the DUI never happened. If the program is successfully completed, the initial charges will be dismissed.

Getting Into The ARD Program

To get accepted into the program, you must be referred by the district attorney in your county and then approved and authorized by the courts. Here are the general guidelines that they are looking at when deciding whether to allow you into the program:

Pennsylvania law (75 Pa.C.S.A. Section 3807) does not permit acceptance when:

1. An applicant has been found guilty of or accepted ARD of a charge brought under Section 3802 (DUI) within 10 years of the date of the current offense, unless the previous charge was for an ungraded misdemeanor under Section (a)(2) and was the applicant’s first offense under Section 3802.
2. An accident occurred in connection with the events surrounding the current charge and an individual other than the applicant was killed or suffered serious bodily injury as a result of the accident.
3. There was a passenger under 14 years of age in the motor vehicle the applicant was operating.

It’s important to note that the ARD program is not a “free pass.” Even though there will be no jail sentence, the program will consist of the following:

  • Potential driver’s license suspension of either 30 days or 60 days
  • Community service hours
  • Six-to-12-months probation

  • Attendance at the Alcohol Highway Safety School
  • CRN evaluation
  • Restitution
  • Court and administrative costs
  • Drug and alcohol treatment and other conditions that a judge may impose

The total cost of ARD has been estimated to be $2,000 excluding attorney fees, but costs can go higher.

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